Welcome to Crete!

An exciting experience is waiting for you

Imagine an island unaffected by excessive number of buildings offering spectacular view. A place with great history and unique tradition. If you think this is the ideal place to enjoy the sea and the sun, then Crete is the best option for you! Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Its coastline is 1.100 km and the population is about 600.000. If you take a trip around the island, you will be impressed. Two-thirds of the island is mountainous, the height of 57 peaks is about 2.000 meters. The island is completely covered with greenery. In Crete we have a well-developed agricultural industry, which consists of 13 million olive trees, aromatic plants, vineyards and many countless citrus groves. You can view the most amazing natural landscapes!

All guests will have the ability to visit the all nearby beaches, beach bars, traditional Cretan taverns and tasteful stores for shopping, which are just 900 meters from the complex. In the mean time, wonderful, getaway excursions can be arranged to the outskirts of Chania, where one will find the exquisite flavors of the Cretan cuisine and Cretan hospitality.

Cretan Cuisine

Fresh fruit and dried fruits, pulses, endemic wild herbs and aromatic plants, and rough cereals, whose cultivation was favored by the regional climate, were consumed in great amounts and constituted the base of the Cretan cuisine during that period. Dairy products were consumed on a daily basis in low to moderate quantities. Poultry and fish were consumed on a weekly basis in moderate quantities, whereas red meat was consumed only a few times a month. The main supply of fat was effectuated by olive oil, which was used not only in salads but also in cooking, unlike the northern European countries which primarily used animal fat. Another essential feature of the Cretan cuisine was the moderate use of alcohol, mainly red wine which accompanied meals. Finally, the most common dessert was yogurt and fresh fruits, while traditional pastry based on honey had been consumed a few times a week.